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One of the neat things about renting a stroller from Magic Strollers is that your rental includes free delivery to and pick up from your resort. Here is an alphabetical list of the over 250 delivery locations in the Orlando attractions area that we serve. We use the official names of the resorts so you may find it easier to use the search function to locate your resort. Please note that all of the Disney resorts are under “D”

We cannot deliver to private homes unless they are located in a subdivision that is listed in our delivery locations. If you don’t see your resort listed, please feel free to contact us and ask if we can deliver there.
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Do I need a stroller for my trip to Disney World?

Believe it or not, if you are asking that question…even considering whether you will need a stroller…you probably do need a stroller…read on…

A lot of families make the assumption that they won’t need a stroller for their Disney trip. Perhaps they have a small infant that they are used to carrying or their kids are big enough that they fine on a trip to the mall or grocery store. And, let’s be honest, putting a stroller in the trunk of your car for a quick shopping trip at home is a hassle. So it’s natural to think that since you are able to get along without a stroller at home, you won’t need one in the parks either.

But a stroller will come in oh so handy once you are on your vacation. Walt Disney World is huge (read Massive!). There are long walks at your resort. From your room to the pool. To the restaurants. To the bus stops or parking lots. Each of the parks is huge. There is a long hike from your car or bus stop to the park entrance. Once inside the parks, you can easily walk a couple of miles in a day! Carrying an infant will become very tiring, very fast. And little feet that are fine at the grocery store can tire very, very quickly. And, if anyone needs a quick nap…well, there just isn’t any place at all. The last thing you want to do is go all the way back to your room.

So, unless your kids are seven or older, you should seriously consider having a stroller on hand…even if you think you can get by without one…even if your kids say they don’t need one. And while there are several options for having a stroller during your vacation, renting a stroller from Magic Strollers is the easiest, most convenient, most cost effective solution. Read through our testimonials and see first hand how Magic Strollers has been the best decision countless families have made for their Walt Disney World Vacation. We really are the best option for Orlando stroller rentals.