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Magic Strollers - Stroller Rental in Orlando
The Magic Strollers Community
OK, the chances are pretty high that all you want to do is rent a stroller...
...but you know what? Everyone else who comes to the Magic Strollers site wants to rent a stroller too...but...
They also have young kids (or grand kids)...they like coming to Walt Disney World...and they have a sharp eye for convenience and cost.
If you think about it, you have a lot in common with other families who rent strollers from us and, before you know it, a sense of COMMUNITY develops...
  Making Strollers Magic
This is pretty much the personal playground of Magic Strollers founder, John Van Meter. You'll find out how something that seems so simple can be ever so complicated. We share more detail about aspects of Magic Strollers than you'll find in the FAQ's, and other stuff that just fits better here than on the main site--which we try to keep short, sweet, neat and tidy.
This is where you can follow the purple van on its daily runs by seeing a list of everywhere it is stopping to drop off and pick up Magic Strollers and Owner's Lockers; get a quick snapshot of today's weather in Orlando. And if you want to ask questions or interact with other families who use Magic Strollers, you can do that here, too.
Follow us and in 140 characters, we'll let you know where the purple van is stopping...and occasionally share random thoughts
  Inside John's Locker
More musing from John, but this time, it's about our parent company, Owner's Locker. Find out background about the business, and learn the twists and turns on the process of launching a startup, securing financing and making a new idea work.

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